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Latest Items

106: Haematological problems in obstetric patients

James talks to Dr Shafqat Inam, Haematology Advanced Trainee, about an approach to haematological problems in obstetric patients


The art and skill of medical writing

Many JMOs are conducting research projects and writing publications in the form of conference abstracts, case reports, original papers or review articles. Dr Ken Liu, gives his top tips on good medical writing, a skill not taught well in university or in post-vocational training


105: journal club podcast - competent for unsupervised practice

Drs Jason Frank, Marie-Louise Stokes and Anthony Llewellyn discuss the journal paper "competent for unsupervised practice: use of paediatric residency training milestones to assess readiness"


Going Rural - living and working as a doctor in the country

Dr Lauren Cone, a practicing GP in Tamworth, writes about the opportunities available to doctors who take the plunge and leave the city for the country.


104: Penicillins

Dr Angie Pinto, Infectious Disease and Microbiology Specialist, talks about Penicillins



Doctors-in-training routinely feel out of their depth. But nothing can prepare you for the complete annihilation of confidence that comes with a baby. Adrian Pokorny blogs about Fatherhood on Father’s Days for onthewards


103: Graded Assertiveness

Dr Sarah Dalton talks about graded assertiveness. Graded assertiveness gives junior members of a team the opportunity to speak up in a medical environment which is traditionally hierarchical


Team and culture: Build it (keep it healthy) and they will come

Part 2 on how to take your idea and make it a reality talks about the importance of a good team and strong culture: Build it (keep it healthy) and they will come


Most Popular Items

Prescribing for Interns by Dr Sally Bath

Dr Sally Bath's prescribing tips for Interns


12: Low urine output

Dr Rob Hislop discusses an approach to low urine output


11: Stomas

Dr Oliver Warren discusses the junior doctor's approach to Stomas


Arrest calls on the wards - Tips for junior doctors

Dr Mat Oliver's tips for junior doctors attending arrest calls on the wards


16: Tips & Tricks for IDC's

Dr Nariman Ahmadi discusses tips and tricks for IDC's


13: Fever

Dr Andie Lee discusses fever on the wards


Helpful Tips for Surviving Internship

Great tips on getting through internship by Dr Lucy Cain


Clinical images and the use of personal mobile devices

A guide for medical students and doctors by AMA and MIIAA


Topical Items

The role of Evidence Based Medicine when managing the delirious patient

Dr Sarah Freyberg writes about one of the cornerstones of modern medical education, Evidence Based Medicine, and its role in managing the delirious patient


64:Psychiatric presentation - a basic approach

Dr Julian Nasti talks about an approach to a patient with a psychiatric presentation


Term selection preference tips

As final year medical students select terms for Internship and Interns make their term selections for Residency, Dr Jenny Liu gives tips on what to consider when choosing which terms to preference


House of God Rule #15: Part 2 - Being realistic and making good choices

Chris Elliot and Bridget Johnson write about being realistic and making good choices in part 2 of their series on maintaining work-life balance in Medicine


77: Psychosis

Dr Joanne Ferguson talks to James about Psychosis and how recognition, assessment and management ensures safety of patient and those around them


Top 10 Tips for Surviving Internship - Tip 3

We spend so much time thinking about the health of our patients often forgetting our own. This week some tips on looking after your health & wellbeing as a junior doctor


96: General paediatrician with Medicines Sans Frontiers

James talks to Dr Nikola Morton, General Paediatrician, about working with Medicines Sans Frontiers


Part 2: Death certification on the wards

Dr Elie Matar writes about the importance and necessity of the paperwork that accompanies the death certification process


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