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Latest Items

109: Vomiting in the neonate

Professor Nick Evans, Staff Specialist in Neonatal Medicine, discusses an approach to vomiting in the neonate


Tips on being a good registrar

Dr Ken Liu writes and gives his tips on how to transition from working as a junior doctor to becoming a good registrar


The importance of asking difficult questions

Suicidal thoughts, hallucinations and abuse are 3 different topics in the psychiatric interview that medical students and junior doctors often struggle with. What's the best way to broach these topics in the clinical setting? Dr Anthony Llewellyn, psychiatrist, writes about tackling these difficult questions


Creating mentally healthy work practices across large medical facilities

Dr Geoff Toogood, Cardiologist and volunteer speaker for Beyondblue, writes about the complex stigma associated with seeking support for mental health issues among medical professionals who must work at their peak under pressure for long hours within large medical facilities


108: Indigenous Health in the Top End

We head up to the Northern Territory for a special podcast. Dr. Kerrie Jones, Emergency Medicine Consultant, and Dr. Jess Tidswell, Emergency Medicine Registrar at the Royal Darwin Hospital discuss the cultural landscape of the Northern Territory and some of the social and communication challenges of Indigenous health in the top end


What if hospitals were run by Apple

The experience of presenting to the Apple Store Genius Bar might carry some important lessons for hospital workflows. Dr Martin Seneviratne, Resident Medical Officer, explains why.


The ACT Critical Care Society: A reflection on a new society led by students and junior doctors

Medical student, Kyle Davies, writes about The ACT Critical Care Society, a new initiative led by medical students and junior doctors


107: journal club podcast - the validity and utility of selection methods in personnel psychology

Dr Jason Frank, Dr Marie-Louise Stokes and Dr Anthony Llewellyn discuss the journal paper "the validity and utility of selection methods in personnel psychology: practical and theoretical implications of 85 years of research findings"


Most Popular Items

Prescribing for Interns by Dr Sally Bath

Dr Sally Bath's prescribing tips for Interns


12: Low urine output

Dr Rob Hislop discusses an approach to low urine output


11: Stomas

Dr Oliver Warren discusses the junior doctor's approach to Stomas


Arrest calls on the wards - Tips for junior doctors

Dr Mat Oliver's tips for junior doctors attending arrest calls on the wards


16: Tips & Tricks for IDC's

Dr Nariman Ahmadi discusses tips and tricks for IDC's


13: Fever

Dr Andie Lee discusses fever on the wards


Helpful Tips for Surviving Internship

Great tips on getting through internship by Dr Lucy Cain


Clinical images and the use of personal mobile devices

A guide for medical students and doctors by AMA and MIIAA


Topical Items

A career in Disaster & Humanitarian Medicine

Dr Amy Neilson, an Australian generalist doctor writes about working in Lebanon with MSF and a career in Disaster & Humanitarian Medicine


62: Seizures

Associate Professor Stacey Jankelowitz discusses a common occurrence on the wards, Seizures


VID 5: Practical use of antibiotics: Urinary Tract Infections

Dr Ophelia Wong answers some common questions in the indications and interpretations of urinalysis and when to consider commencing antibiotics


63: Asthma

Associate Professor Keith Wong discusses the presentation and management of asthma on the wards


VID 3: Part 2 - Fluid Assessment

Part 2 of Conducting a Fluid Assessment by Ankit Gupta. Ankit covers the components of fluid assessment, risk factors and causes of fluid disturbance.


87: Stress steroids

James talks to Dr Barbara Depczynski about stress steroids


Part 2: GP to chase

In Part 2: GP to chase, Dr Jenny Morrison writes about some of the discharge summary tips and tricks as shared by Australian GPs


58: Liver Function Tests

Dr Ken Liu talks about the assessment of abnormal liver function tests