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Latest Items

Team and culture: Build it (keep it healthy) and they will come

Part 2 on how to take your idea and make it a reality talks about the importance of a good team and strong culture: Build it (keep it healthy) and they will come


102: Prescribing errors

Bruce Way talks to Chi Tran, Senior Pharmacist, about common prescribing errors, interactions and side effects


onthewards – inception, growth and zero to national

The first in a 3 part series providing tips on how to take your health care improvement idea and build it into a project


101: Incident Reporting and RCAs

James talks to Dr Andrew Baker, Director of Prevocational Education and Training and Medical Administrator, about Incident Reporting and RCAs and their importance in providing safe clinical care for patients


Top 10 Interview tips from 6 consultants

Many of you will have recently completed job applications for that all important next job. Your next step is to start thinking about and preparing for job interviews. This week we asked 6 consultants to give us their top interview tips. Here’s what they had to say..


100: Professor Nick Talley - life and career in medicine

James interviews Professor Nick Talley about his life and career in medicine


Part 4: Irrational Agency - Solving the Problem of Many Hands

In the final part of Eamon Merrick's blog series, Irrational Agency, he argues that solving the problem of many hands requires professionals to make a choice


99: Clinical Pathways

James talks to Dr Kate George, a General Practitioner, and Dr Angus Richie, Nephrologist Staff Specialist about Clinical Pathways for patients


Most Popular Items

Prescribing for Interns by Dr Sally Bath

Dr Sally Bath's prescribing tips for Interns


12: Low urine output

Dr Rob Hislop discusses an approach to low urine output


11: Stomas

Dr Oliver Warren discusses the junior doctor's approach to Stomas


Arrest calls on the wards - Tips for junior doctors

Dr Mat Oliver's tips for junior doctors attending arrest calls on the wards


16: Tips & Tricks for IDC's

Dr Nariman Ahmadi discusses tips and tricks for IDC's


13: Fever

Dr Andie Lee discusses fever on the wards


Helpful Tips for Surviving Internship

Great tips on getting through internship by Dr Lucy Cain


Clinical images and the use of personal mobile devices

A guide for medical students and doctors by AMA and MIIAA


Topical Items

47: Preparing for night shift

Stephanie Anderson talks to Dr Paul Hamor about preparing for night shift on the wards


70: Bowel obstruction

Dr Rewa Keegan discusses the investigation and management of bowel obstruction


87: Stress steroids

James talks to Dr Barbara Depczynski about stress steroids


Writing to GPs

Dr Rachel Woodford, a junior doctor with Hunter New England Health, writes about her experience and what she's learnt when writing to GPs and medical abbreviations


VID 5: Practical use of antibiotics: Urinary Tract Infections

Dr Ophelia Wong answers some common questions in the indications and interpretations of urinalysis and when to consider commencing antibiotics


40: Discharge planning

James talks to Dr Jenny Liu about tips for efficient and safe discharge planning on the wards


Curriculum vitae (CV) inflation

Dr James Edwards discusses the recent phenomenon of CV inflation amongst junior doctors, the factors driving CV inflation and its implications.


What impact can junior doctors have on paternalism in medicine?

Dr Eleni Azarias, Resident Medical Officer, writes about paternalism in modern medicine and the role the junior doctor can play to promote collaboration and shared decision-making for patient-centred care


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