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Welcome to onthewards, an innovative new educational website designed for prevocational doctors in Australia and beyond.

Latest Items

Running a paediatric, neonatal and maternity wards in a humanitarian context, Aweil, South Sudan

Dr Jordan Amor-Robertson, a paediatric trainee writes of her experience working in an area affected by conflict and where MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders) is running the paediatric, neonatal and maternity wings of the Ministry of Health Hospital.


93: Quality and Safety for junior doctors

Dr Sarah Dalton talks to James about the all important topic of Quality and Safety for junior doctors


Career advice for junior doctors

It’s the time of year when many junior doctors are applying to vocational training programs. Some are set on their future career path, others may be undecided or unsure. James writes about some of the factors influencing career choice in medicine and what junior doctors should consider when deciding which career path to follow.


92: Oesophageal disorders

James talks to Dr Reginald Lord about oesophageal disorders and oesophageal cancer


Doctors and white coats

Is there an advantage to doctors wearing white coats? Do patients have a preference or care what their treating physician wears? Does it make a difference in how patients view the care they receive based on what their doctor wears? Dr Sarah Freyberg writes about the role of physician attire and patient perceptions


91: Gentamicin Prescribing

James talks to Dr Kate Clezy talks about gentamicin prescribing


What impact can junior doctors have on paternalism in medicine?

Dr Eleni Azarias, Resident Medical Officer, writes about paternalism in modern medicine and the role the junior doctor can play to promote collaboration and shared decision-making for patient-centred care


90: Medically unexplained symptoms

James talks to Dr Joanne Ferguson about medically unexplained symptoms, also known as MUPS or MUS


Most Popular Items

The job interview process

A recent panel discussion on the job interview process


Prescribing for Interns by Dr Sally Bath

Dr Sally Bath's prescribing tips for Interns


12: Low urine output

Dr Rob Hislop discusses an approach to low urine output


11: Stomas

Dr Oliver Warren discusses the junior doctor's approach to Stomas


Arrest calls on the wards - Tips for junior doctors

Dr Mat Oliver's tips for junior doctors attending arrest calls on the wards


16: Tips & Tricks for IDC's

Dr Nariman Ahmadi discusses tips and tricks for IDC's


13: Fever

Dr Andie Lee discusses fever on the wards


Helpful Tips for Surviving Internship

Great tips on getting through internship by Dr Lucy Cain


Topical Items

The role of Evidence Based Medicine when managing the delirious patient

Dr Sarah Freyberg writes about one of the cornerstones of modern medical education, Evidence Based Medicine, and its role in managing the delirious patient


A day in the life of a Sports Physician

Interested in Sport? Ever wondered who those medical folk are running onto the pitch? Dr David Bui interviews Dr Carolyn Broderick, Sport and Exercise Medicine Staff Specialist, about being a Sports Physician


Teach me! Teaching medical students - Part 1: Teaching styles

Dr Tom Finn, Intensive Care Registrar, writes about some of the common teaching techniques used to teach medical students during clinical rotations


Physician – Nurse Collaboration: Build trust and you shall receive

Dr Eamon Merrick, a Registered Nurse, writes about understanding, trust and collaboration between physicians and nurses


Harnessing the Potential of Social Media

Dr Ben Veness writes about the benefits of medical students and junior doctors engaging in Social Media


58: Liver Function Tests

Dr Ken Liu talks about the assessment of abnormal liver function tests


Top 10 Tips for Surviving Internship - Tip 2

Understanding your workplace: the impact of unwritten rules, norms and values on your work


85: Diagnostic Errors

Bruce Way talks to Dr Amanda Walker about the serious yet common, costly and potentially lethal problem of diagnostic errors


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