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Latest Items

116: Technology and healthcare

Professor Tim Shaw talks about eHeath, the challenges of implementing technologies into healthcare and how junior doctors can get involved in the field


Genetic pathology: what is it, what does it involve and what happens in the lab

Genetic pathology is one of the newest disciplines in pathology. Dr Eric Lee, Genetic Pathology Registrar, dispels some misconceptions about what happens in a genetic testing laboratory, outlines what genetic pathology training involves, and tries to predict what the future may hold


115: Part 2 - Acute pain management

Part 2 - Acute pain management with Dr Tim Suharto, Specialist Anaesthetist at Nepean Hospital


So you want to be a Medical Aid Worker?

Working in the field of humanitarian medicine is something a lot of medical students and junior medical officers think about pursuing. But how and where to start is not always clear. Dr Armita Ronnachit, Infectious Diseases Advanced Trainee, writes of her experience and tips for working in global health


114: Part 1 - Acute pain management

Dr Tim Suharto, Staff Specialist Anaesthetist, discusses acute pain management in the first of a two part series.


Working beyond the blues: the importance of doctors supporting the mental health of themselves and colleagues

It took a minor stroke in 2013 before Dr Geoff Toogood, Cardiologist, was able to take much needed leave from work, and to recover. It also afforded Geoff the time to address the deeper issue of severe depression


113: Identifying the sick patient

Dr Oliver Flower, Intensivist, talks about identifying and examining the critically ill patient


Asking for help

Dr Talila Milroy reflects on lessons learnt, from graduating medical school to starting internship and the importance of asking for help


Most Popular Items

Prescribing for Interns by Dr Sally Bath

Dr Sally Bath's prescribing tips for Interns


12: Low urine output

Dr Rob Hislop discusses an approach to low urine output


11: Stomas

Dr Oliver Warren discusses the junior doctor's approach to Stomas


Arrest calls on the wards - Tips for junior doctors

Dr Mat Oliver's tips for junior doctors attending arrest calls on the wards


16: Tips & Tricks for IDC's

Dr Nariman Ahmadi discusses tips and tricks for IDC's


13: Fever

Dr Andie Lee discusses fever on the wards


Helpful Tips for Surviving Internship

Great tips on getting through internship by Dr Lucy Cain


Clinical images and the use of personal mobile devices

A guide for medical students and doctors by AMA and MIIAA


Topical Items

What impact can junior doctors have on paternalism in medicine?

Dr Eleni Azarias, Resident Medical Officer, writes about paternalism in modern medicine and the role the junior doctor can play to promote collaboration and shared decision-making for patient-centred care


92: Oesophageal disorders

James talks to Dr Reginald Lord about oesophageal disorders and oesophageal cancer


68: Cannula Tips and Tricks

Dr Ryan Downey discusses tips and tricks for inserting intra-venous cannulae.


Are we thinking too much?

As we enter Mental Health Month, David Kumagaya introduces the practice of meditation and mindfulness, as a tool to build emotional resilience and deal with stressful working environments


Burnout in junior doctors

Burnout is common in junior doctors and reported to occur in 18-82% of JMOs. This week, James writes about the consequences of burnout and asks what can be done to reduce it


A day in the life of a Sports Physician

Interested in Sport? Ever wondered who those medical folk are running onto the pitch? Dr David Bui interviews Dr Carolyn Broderick, Sport and Exercise Medicine Staff Specialist, about being a Sports Physician


Part 1: Death certification on the wards

With over 54% of deaths in Australia occurring in hospitals, Dr Elie Matar writes about the importance of the dying process and death certification to the junior doctor in this first of a 2 part series


82: Vertigo and dizziness

James talks to Dr Katherine Spira about Vertigo and Dizziness, common symptoms that patients complain of when admitted to the hospital wards.